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For the past couple of years I’ve lived through the mundane parts of my life with a certain dreariness. These mundane things were nothing treacherous or daunting, but merely daily cyclical tasks that I would regard cynically. I would dread doing things like waking up early in the morning to spend extra time applying makeup and getting dressed for work, or procrastinate the errands on my to-do list because they seemed so dull. I would go about my everyday life in a rush, simply going through the motions while only looking forward to big events or exciting upcoming experiences.

When I visited Paris for the first time last summer and saw firsthand how the French lived passionately, I began to question the way I went about doing the “mundane” things every day. I explored the way the French live a life of quality with everything they do, and I came to realize that every detail of life, no matter how big or small, can become extraordinary if you allow it to be so. Living a passionate life isn’t determined by how much money, things, love, or friends you may have. Living passionately is merely a choice, and you have the ability to make that choice every day. While this realization was definitely an epiphany for me, the intangible feeling didn’t come immediately. It took a lot of practice and reminding myself that living passionately is an active choice. It’s much easier to moan and groan about the mundane things you have to do instead of working to enjoy them and seeing the bright side. Did I start to jump out of bed every morning with an eagerness to apply makeup and take the time to put myself together? Nope. It took consistent practice and a shift in mindset to start believing that I wanted more for myself – and more from life. So I took the time to research makeup products that I would enjoy applying and that would elevate my facial features and mood, and I’ve been seeking quality clothing that I would love putting on every morning. Once I learned to enjoy daily tasks such as getting ready in the morning, I became happier and felt the quality of my life elevate. I learned to actively seek out the pleasures within other “mundane” tasks, such as relishing the alone time during my morning and evening commute, instead of impatiently rushing through to the next thing on my to-do list.

Living passionately doesn’t mean you have to be a spontaneous romantic or flamboyant person. You just need to be cognizant of how you think about certain things. It’s purely your choice whether you decide to go through the motions of everyday life and merely exist, or to go about everything you do with passion, to always be present, to learn something new from every situation, and to be grateful for each day you get to live, no matter how boring it may seem.


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