Recent Obsession: The Financial Diet

January 23, 2019 0 Comments

What’s ridiculously taboo yet a critical part of our everyday lives? Personal finance. Oddly enough, the American school system doesn’t really prepare us with the necessary tools we need to lead financially literate lives. Maybe it’s just me, but in my 18 years of academics, I’ve never had a personal finance course. Almost everything I’ve learned has been through books, the internet, being drilled by my parents to save my money, and quality conversations with friends who are passionate about personal finance themselves.

There are several habits in my life that tend to veer me off track towards accomplishing my goals, and one of those is becoming disorganized with my personal finances. It happens to the best of us – we overspend, forget to budget for certain things, miss a bill due date, etc. One of the ways I try to stay on track with my personal finances is carving out time each week and dedicating it to personal finance matters. This includes reviewing my budget and my spending, and making sure to avoid any unnecessary overdraft or interest fees. I also dedicate this time to reading up on some of my favorite personal finance resources that are not only informative, but actually fun.

Whenever I explore a topic, I tend to nosedive into the rabbit hole of information, usually clicking from one article or YouTube video to the next for hours on end. Typically this ends up in wasted time if I’m sucked into a useless topic (yes, I may have embarrassingly spent more time than I care to admit researching Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship last night for no good reason), but when I’m consumed with personal finance information I’m actually interested in, it pays off (pun intended). One of the resources I love spending time on is The Financial Diet. Website, YouTube channel, and book, all of their content is informative, fun, yet uniquely different from other personal finance content I’ve come across. Their content feels like having a successful yet practical best friend/role model who you admire and aspire to be like in every way, and learn endlessly from. I don’t mean this to sound like an ad (it’s not), but I’ve learned so much from The Financial Diet. I first became hooked on their YouTube channel, and from there I’ve binge-read their website. I’m currently reading their book (which would make for a perfect graduation gift or for anyone who’s interested in learning about personal finance), and it’s probably the most artistic and charming personal finance book I’ve come across. This book is not only a primer on the basics of getting good with money, but it also dives into topics of career management, wardrobe tips, home buying and decor, cooking, love, and how to intertwine all of these areas of your life with your personal finances in a sensible way.

Getting in control of your personal finances is an incredibly empowering feeling in your life, and I cannot encourage you enough to research and learn more about how you can get your money to work for you. The Financial Diet is a great place to start, and I’ve also written a post on some tips for resetting your personal finances. Having healthy finances can change how you live and feel on a daily basis, and you owe it to yourself to eliminate financial stress from your life and gain that sense of freedom.



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