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I’ve recently found myself to be in somewhat of an existential life crisis, and I’m sure I’m not the only Millenial out there to feel this way. I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot lately, and I realized how difficult it actually is to find time for yourself with your own thoughts. With the distractions of our every day life, it’s easy to put off the big questions that are on your mind and carry on as if they weren’t creeping up on you. I’ve been doing a really good job at that. I have so many unanswered question marks in my head, so many unknowns I have to consider, but it seems I always distract myself and put it off for later.

This last weekend, I had the time to self-reflect. Correction: I made the time. I decided to spend some time by myself with nothing but my own thoughts. I took the opportunity to take a long walk by the lake and reflect on my thoughts, plans, and dreams. I checked in with where I am mentally, and to be honest I realized I’m not in the best place. I subconsciously knew this was the case, but I basically chose to ignore it, because I wasn’t ready to face it. I kept telling myself I would deal with it later. I’ve been putting off making any real plan for my life for a while now, and checking in with myself made me realize I’m ready to do it. It also allowed me to feel all my emotions- the pain, the doubt, and the fear of life passing me by as I buried myself in a dark hole of not wanting to think about the future. That’s why it’s so important to make time to self-reflect. If I didn’t take the time to consider where I am and what’s next for me, I would keep putting it off and living with an extremely unsettling feeling.

I’m not saying that I answered every question mark looming over my head, or mapped out every next step in my life (not even close), but I did come to the conclusion that I have to start facing my reality, and that’s progress. The reality is that time did not stop just because I’m not ready to face the tough decisions I have to make, and my life continues to pass by me. At the very least, these hours of self-reflection gave me a much needed kick in the butt to stop putting things off and start taking action. We have to remember that we are in control of the direction our life goes, and if we’re not proactive about it, how can we expect to live the life we want?

If you’re anywhere close to feeling the same way or putting off your thoughts and fears to deal with “later” because there’s “still time to figure it out,” I encourage you to make some time to self-reflect on how you want your life to play out. Although I do believe “there’s still time to figure it out,” there’s no reason why that time can’t start now.



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