The Orangetheory Obsession

May 22, 2018 0 Comments

I was always very skeptical of people who “love” working out and commit themselves to certain workouts or the latest fitness craze. My workout habits changed significantly with the Tone It Up lifestyle and transformed even more when I discovered Orangetheory Fitness.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about OT from friends, co-workers, and my favorite bloggers. I decided it was worth checking out, so I signed up for my first class (the first class is free!). I had no great expectations going into it, and honestly I was pretty intimidated and thought that it would be a one-time-only class and that I would never return. I was so wrong about that. I was immediately hooked on the workout and the feeling I got from it, and I ended up committing to a membership. Full disclosure: Yes, the membership is pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment and they have different types of membership options that will fit your lifestyle. I’ve been a member for about a month now, consistently going to classes twice a week, and loving every minute.

It’s called Orangetheory because the point of each class is to physically push yourself to achieve a target heart rate and get in the “orange zone” to burn the most calories during the class and for the next 36 hours afterwards. The “afterburn” theory is backed by the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, and getting into the orange zone during class isn’t as difficult as it may seem because you’re motivated to work harder by seeing your heart rate on the tv screen in class and having the trainer challenge and motivate you throughout. Every class is different and pushes you to work your absolute hardest. You will sweat and curse yourself out, but you’ll push and power through and end it on a workout high. I’ve never enjoyed a workout as much as I enjoy Orangetheory classes, and I wanted to share 3 basic characteristics that make OT so irresistible, and why I’m not quitting it any time soon.

1. It’s Efficient 

If there’s one thing I need my workouts to be, it’s efficient. On the average, busy, on the go weekday, I need a one-and-done fitness activity that will leave me sweating but won’t eat up all of my precious free time. An OT class typically runs for about 60 minutes, switching between rowing, strength training exercises, and running on the treadmill. You burn an insane amount of calories as you push yourself to reach that “uncomfortable” orange zone, and you leave the workout feeling beyond accomplished and proud of yourself. That my friends, is efficiency.

2. It’s Effective

One of the things that makes OT so great is the format of the class. It’s like you’re working out at a gym, with a personal trainer, and by yourself all at once. It’s the best of three worlds. The trainer is there to guide you through the workout, the other people are there to motivate you, and you are there to push yourself further than you’ve ever gone before. It’s competitive, but not in a way that it ranks and compares you to others in the class; you’re actually competing with yourself as you strive to reach that “orange zone.” It’s effective because you really are pushing yourself harder than you would when working out on your own. All the exercises in the classes are technically things you can do on your own, but from personal experience I would never perform at the same level if I was doing it on my own.

3. It’s Fun 

Yes, the words “workout” and “fun” CAN be used in the same sentence. OT is fun because it’s challenging, motivating, encouraging, powerful, and exciting. It’s thrilling to see your name on the monitor reaching that “orange zone,” and knowing you’re pushing your physical limits is an adrenaline rush on its own. It’s fun to be motivated and encouraged by others in the class, knowing you’re all in it together while working towards your own individual goals. Despite being drenched in sweat and physically exhausted, you leave each workout feeling happier and more energized.

The biggest lesson I learned from Orangetheory is that you will never regret a workout. If you’ve never tried OT before and you’re looking for a workout that will make the most of your time and effort, go ahead and sign up for a free class– you won’t regret it.



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