Three Indispensable Career Tips

October 24, 2018 0 Comments

A few days ago I was sitting at my desk, thinking about my career and what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve worked a series of different jobs, and I’ve learned a few key things that I believe are invaluable to your career (and life in general). Here are three pieces of advice I’d give anyone in the workplace:

  1. Don’t make hasty assumptions. About anything, especially via e-mail. People communicate differently, and not everyone corresponds with the same tone or intention as you. When I began working at my corporate job, I was worried people were upset when they were short in their e-mails. I learned that many people write e-mails quickly and to the point for the sake of time and productivity, and that to assume a certain tone of voice behind someone’s writing, without any validation, is a waste of energy.
  2. Communicate thoroughly. In relation to tip #1, it’s important to be clear in the way you communicate. If you’re unsure of something, follow up and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to reiterate someone’s idea or request to them to confirm that you are both on the same page. It’s better to be thorough than to leave room for misinterpretation and the ensuing consequences.
  3. Be polite, no matter the situation. I have a coworker that is as chill as a cucumber – I’ve never met anyone like her. She’s able to maintain her cool under any stressful circumstance. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t experience anger or frustration under pressure, but she always responds politely, respectfully, and with dignity to everyone she communicates with. I’ve learned so much from her, and I’m glad I’ve learned this lesson early in my career. Acting out poorly on your frustration in the workplace can be detrimental to your reputation and your career. You can be the smartest and most hardworking person in your office, but if you respond to people with a harsh attitude or disrespectful remarks, that’s ultimately how people will remember you. Plus, keeping your cool will only increase your respect and integrity among others.

Your attitude and the way you treat others, both inside and outside of the workplace, speaks volumes to who you are as a person. Print this blog post so that you can have a daily reminder to implement these tips.




Born in Ukraine and raised in Chicago, Iryna takes pride in her Ukrainian roots. She loves writing, cooking (and eating) all kinds of food, pursuing new fitness trends, and exploring all things related to personal growth. She hopes this blog brings you value in one way or another and helps you to become a better version of you.

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